Australian Customers

Australian customers are required to submit a copy of a valid B709A in place of the letter.  A completed purchase order can be printed during checkout. We must also include a copy of your B709A when we apply for your license (see below on how to obtain a certificate). Once these forms are submitted it typically takes 1 week to receive the export license. The export license fee is 10% of the total purchase order. The B709A is free.

Purchase Order:

The purchase order must be signed and sent to us. You can send the signed purchase order to us by email, FAX, or mail.

By email:

Scan the purchase order and save as a PDF or .jpg file (other file formats can not be processed). Email the file(s) to

By mail:

Miken Inc.
5006 NW B Avenue, Suite B
Pendleton, Oregon 97801 USA


Fax to 541 636-0966

Import Permit:

A valid B709A is required for ammunition components imported to Australia.

Anyone wishing to obtain a B709A needs to contact the Firearms Registry department of their State Police Force. The B709A gives Police confirmation and certification that the imported item is within State laws.

The B709A is only used in relation to the importation of firearms, some firearm parts/accessories, ammunition and components. In some states you can download the application form from the state police website. It takes about 2 weeks to process and it is free.

When the goods arrive in Australia, customs will hold the package and contact the importer requesting the B709A form. When they receive it the package will be released. We have found that including a copy of the B709A in the packing list envelope speeds customs clearance so we include a copy of B709A with all shipments.

Once you have your B709A, scan and email a copy (.pdf, or .jpg) to

(updated 03/17/2016)