International Orders

Welcome to Reloading International. We are proud to serve the international shooting and reloading community. We strive to provide excellent customer service and we are committed to making the international order process as easy and economical as possible. Please feel free to email us at info@ReloadingInternati if you have any ordering concerns whatsoever. Below you will find important information on placing your international order.

Export License

A Department of Commerce Export License is required to ship all firearms and may required to ship firearm parts, bullets, brass, and other reloading components out of the US. There are license exceptions that we can use and are determined on a case by case basis. The export license is valid for up to 4 years. Multiple orders can be put on one export license. Individual orders can be shipped separately at intervals that fit your needs with no additional paperwork. There is no charge for the export license


We ship most our international orders via USPS Priority Mail insured. USPS is the most economical way for us to ship your order to you. Our shipping rates are our actual costs plus a $8 packaging/handling fee per box. Air freight is also available and can be very cost effective for larger orders. See shipping and Returns page for additional details and current shipping rates. Insurance provides a 100% guarantee against loss or theft and that you will receive your order or a full refund. Insurance covers the full value of your order excluding shipping. If, for some reason, your package is returned to us additional shipping charges to reship your package will apply.

Please note we CAN NOT ship to a PO Box without prior approval from the Department of Commerce. There has to be a good reason (e.g., no delivery to physical address) and we must ask at the time we apply for the export license. To do so, we need a signed letter requesting permission to ship to a PO Box with justification.


All items entering a foreign country are subject to customs inspection and assessment of duties, taxes, and fees in accordance with your country's national laws. Customs duties and taxes are assessed if the item sent is dutiable and if the value of the item is above the threshold set by your country's laws. Duties, taxes and fees vary from country to country. Please check the regulations for your country. Information on duty and taxes can be found at your country's National Customs Website. The recipient is the only person who can pay duty and taxes. We are not responsible for any duty or taxes on your order. 

Placing An International Order

Orders that require and export license we will need a signed purchase order, either an import certificate or signed letter from you verifying that import certificates and permits are not required, and an end-user statement. We will gladly assist you with these documents. Please send an email to info@reloadinginternati for ordering assistance. Below are links for permit information for Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

Australian Customers must obtain an International Import Certificate, click HERE for details.

Canadian Customers must submit an International Import Certificate, click HERE for details

South African Customers must obtain an Import Permit, click HERE for details.

Back Orders:

Yes, we do accept back orders. Product availability changes day to day, so back orders are fairly common.  If you place an order for out of stock items your order will be shipped when the items are available. Should you place a combined order for in stock and out of stock items, your order will be shipped when all items are available unless you specify otherwise. If you wish for the in-stock items to be shipped immediately, please note this on your order. There will be shipping charges on each box shipped.

(updated 04/24/2021)