Shooting Links

National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF is the trade organization for the shooting and hunting industry. There are numerous portal sites including United States Practical Shooting Association - Practical shooting is a competitive shooting sport based on 3 elements: speed, accuracy, and power.

Gun Made - A resource for all news gun and ammo related. They help you find the best guns, ammo, and accessories on the market. 

Gun Owners of America - Provides the latest information on gun legislation. A great site to keep you informed on legislation that could affect you and how you can participate.

Can-Fire - One of the most comprehensive Canadian firearms resources on the Internet.

Canadian Rod & Gun Club Directory - Canadian clubs and associations.

Reloading Data and Information - An Internet directory and guide devoted to sportsman for information and websites on guns, gunsmithing, reloading, shooting, and hunting. - The largest hunting and archery information site on the Internet. This site has it all, including extensive reloading information. - Devoted to hand loading pistol and rifle cartridges. Loads for many pistols and rifles. - Includes pages devoted to reloading. - A great source for reloading information. You can search, find answers, and interact with other reloaders. - This site has a wealth of reloading data and other information on reloading. Also has a forum so you can interact with other reloaders. - Dedicated to precision shooting and accurate rifles. Lots of load data.

Hunting, shooting, and reloading forums

If you are a shooting site owner or have a favorite shooting site, or if you find a site link that no longer works, please contact us with the link. We will check it out and probably add it to our list.