South African Customers

South African customers are required to submit a copy of a valid Import Permit in place of a letter.  A completed purchase order can be printed during checkout. We must also include a copy of your Import Permit when we apply for your license (see below on how to obtain a permit). Once these forms are submitted it typically takes 1 week to receive the export license. The export license fee is 10% of the total purchase order. The Import Permit is free.

Purchase Order:

The purchase order must be signed and sent to us. You can send the signed purchase order to us by email, FAX, or mail.

By email:

Scan the purchase order and save as a PDF or .jpg file (other file formats can not be processed). Email the file(s) to

By mail:

Miken Inc.
5006 NW B Avenue, Suite B
Pendleton, Oregon 97801 USA


Fax to 541 636-0966

Import Permit:

A valid Import Permit is required for ammunition components imported to South Africa.

To obtain and Import Permit you must file form IE463. Once complete, e-mail it to either of the following firearms folks at ITAC: Anastasia Tsoku or Marius Collins they deal with it normally within 3 business days. Alternatively you can FAX it to 012-394 0517, attn Anastasia or Marius. The permit arrives in the form of an e-mail.  When you receive it, forward the email to

Download a PDF of a blank IE463 HERE.

Filling out the form:

Line 1 leave blank.

Lines 2-6 enter personal information

Line 7 enter the HS Tariff code: 93063090 for bullets and unprimed brass.

Line 8 enter weight of your order in kg. Use 10kg, which covers 1 flat rate box. To convert pounds to kg, multiple the pounds by .453.

Line 9 check new (N)

Line 10 check yes (Y)

Line 11 enter USA

Line 12 enter value of order in Rand.

Line 13 write in customs office where your package will clear.

Enter your name, date and sign the application. Email or FAX the completed application.

The permit will arrive in the form of an e-mail.  When you receive it, forward the email to

(updated 03/20/2016)