HB Industries GP Stribog Ambi Charging Handle Kit

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HBI Ambidextrous Charging Handle Kit for the Grand Power Stribog SP9 A1/A2/A3. Our inchkit inch includes three components: a 23mm female handle, a 16mm male handle, and a 23mm male handle. The 23mm long female handle is mated with the 16mm or 23mm long male handle on the opposite side. All components can be configured for left/right side control, meaning that the following configurations are all possible with one charging handle kit:

  • 23mm left handle - 23mm right handle

  • 23mm left handle - 16mm right handle

  • 16mm left handle - 23mm right handle

By comparison the factory charging handle is 21mm in length with a smooth profile. Our aggressive knurling and angles provide the operator with more purchase and better control, with ambidextrous functionality for charging the weapon from either side. All components are machined from 4140 chromoly steel, heat treated and tempered, then finished with black nitride.

  • Extended Ambidextrous Charging Handle Kit

  • Modular Three Piece Kit

  • Drop In Replacement for Stribog SP9 A1/A2/A3

  • Increased Clearance to Picatinny Rails

  • Machined 4140 Chromoly Steel

  • Black Nitride Finished

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.
Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.