North Fork Bullets .423cal 380gr Flat Point Solid 50ct

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Reloading International is proud to be the exclusive North Fork dealer for the United States and Canada.

Flat Point Solid Bullets (FPS): Experience one of the deepest, straightest penetrating solids on the market. The large flat meplat, truncated nose and mono-metal design of the FPS delivers a resounding impact and a large deep wound channel. All North Fork solids are safe for modern double rifles, only the bands of the bullet touch the rifling, minimizing the stress on the barrel imparted by typical solids.

Company History: Over a decade ago, North Fork Bullets began with the goal of creating the best hunting bullets in the world while providing exceptional service to its customers. North Fork's years of continuous development and dedication to perfection has resulted in four innovative product lines: Perfection bonded soft point, percussion point, flat point solid and cup point solid, each with industry leading performance. North Fork is a small, independent bullet manufacturer who listens to the needs of its customers. North Fork Bullets are manufactured in south part of Sweden.

Bullet Design: At North Fork, we use the finest materials, the tightest tolerances and the most robust designs to give you unrivaled terminal performance with "match grade" accuracy in the field. Ultra-pure copper and lead are used in our products to give unfailing performance as compared to impure alloyed/gilded metals. Our soft points and solids are designed to hit the same point of impact while our innovative pressure and foul reducing grooves allow more reloading flexibility and less rifle clean-up then competing designs. North Fork bullets have a highly regarded track record around the world. Whether you are on a once in a lifetime safari or in a demanding situation, have confidence in North Fork bullets.