Lapua 22cal 55gr Soft Point 100ct

Stock number: LU4PL5006

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The Soft Point bullet - perfect for small game

Lapua's Soft Point bullet is designed for small game hunting where the rapid opening and mushrooming of the bullet are some of the most important characteristics.

The Lapua Soft Point bullet is well known for its accuracy. This hunting bullet has proven its performance on the hunting fields and hunters can rely on its stopping power.


Caliber: 5.69 mm (.224)

Product Number: 4 PL 5006

Bullet diameter (mm): 5.69

Bullet diameter (in): 0.224

Product code: E539

Weight (g): 3.60

Weight (gr): 55

Type: SP

Bullet name: Soft Point

Ballistic coefficient BC G1: 0.185