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Description Model Weight Price
Maker 22cal 62gr Rex 50ct (Out of stock)  M2262R 0.50 23.50 Buy Now 
Maker 22cal 70gr Rex 50ct (Out of stock)  M2270R 0.57 24.00 Buy Now 
Maker 30cal (300 BLK) 110gr Trex 50ct (Out of stock)  M300110T 0.83 33.50 Buy Now 
Maker 30cal (300 BLK) 125gr Trex 50ct (Out of stock)  M300125T 0.92 34.00 Buy Now 
Maker 30cal (300 BLK) 200gr Rex Sub 50ct (Out of stock)  M300200RS 1.45 42.00 Buy Now 
Maker 30cal (300 BLK) 220gr Expanding Subonic 50ct (Out of stock)  M300220ES 1.65 42.00 Buy Now 
Maker 30cal 168gr Trex 50ct (Out of stock)  M30168T 1.27 38.00 Buy Now 
Maker 30cal 180gr Rex Sub 50ct (Out of stock)  M30180RS 1.33 38.50 Buy Now 
Maker 380 Auto 85gr 50ct (Out of stock)  M38085 0.68 23.00 Buy Now 
Maker 40 S&W 140gr 50ct (Out of stock)  M40SW140 1.07 31.50 Buy Now 
Maker 45 ACP 185gr 50ct (Out of stock)  M45185 1.39 35.50 Buy Now 
Maker 45-70cal 400gr Rex Sub 20ct (Out of stock)  M4570400RS 1.20 25.00 Buy Now 
Maker 458cal (Socom) 300gr Trex 20ct (Out of stock)  M458300T 0.89 21.00 Buy Now 
Maker 458cal (Socom) 500gr Rex Sub 20ct (Out of stock)  M458500RS 1.48 28.00 Buy Now 
Maker 9mm 115gr 50ct (Out of stock)  M9MM115 0.89 24.50 Buy Now 

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